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Hi you! We are Caramel Monster ☺

Caramel Monster emerges from a passion for fashion and style, driven by a profound commitment to sustainability. Our brand is dedicated to crafting socially responsible apparel that not only embraces fashion but also nurtures the environment and community. With every piece, we invite you to experience the joy of wearing garments that contribute positively to your day and the world around you.

Inspired by the beauty of everyday life and vintage aesthetics, Caramel Monster consistently redefines its essence. Our creations reflect a unique code, shaped by women for women, embodying a celebration of individuality and responsible choices.

Our Commitments

At Caramel Monster, we believe in putting people first, recognizing the individuals behind the garments we create. Our production is rooted in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, where we understand our integral role in the local community. In the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, we've established our own production line, fostering collaboration with an exceptional team. Our commitment to cultivating a safe, healthy, and fair working environment is unwavering, a principle we uphold consistently.


We pledge to continue our collaboration with the communities around us, steadfastly adhering to ethical production practices. As we thrive, our dedication to giving back remains resolute, and gratitude remains at the core of our ethos.


Building lasting relationships with partners who share our values is a paramount goal. We seek mutually beneficial partnerships, forging connections that transcend transactional exchanges. Our customers are honoured, and we promise to provide products sourced mindfully, prioritising quality over mass production.


Our commitment extends to continuous improvement, steering clear of shortcuts at all costs. At Caramel Monster, we are dedicated to creating a brand that not only thrives but also positively impacts the world, one garment at a time. 

Our Values

As a brand, we recognize the inherent challenges of achieving absolute sustainability given the environmental impacts associated with manufacturing processes. Nevertheless, our mission at Caramel Monster is to be as kind as possible to our planet. Throughout every stage of our work – from the design concept to sampling, production, and the transportation of our finished pieces, extending to the remaking of existing garments – we are dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint. 


We firmly believe in the power of buying quality goods that endure, and that's why we focus on crafting seasonless styles meant for everyday wear, year-round. Our goal is to create cherished, well-worn pieces that withstand the test of time, from our carefully chosen fabrics and designs to our thoughtfully curated colour palette.


At Caramel Monster, we unveil new, limited edition collections every week. Starting with small quantities for each product, we only produce more based on genuine demand, backed by direct data and feedback from our community. This approach not only reduces production waste but also ensures exclusivity, allowing you to revel in the delight of wearing something unique at any gathering.


For us, sustainability is an ongoing journey – a continuous effort that echoes in every garment we create.

Our Actions

  • We only use natural, organic, regenerated, recycled, deadstock materials in all of our garments.
  • Our packing bags and mailers, made entirely of bio-based materials, reusable and able to be compostable. We took our promise one step further so that our hang tags are created using certified recycled paper and cardboard.
  • We are working to use only natural-material buttons instead of plastic buttons.
  • We use the leftover fabrics to make cute accessories for our customers. 
  • We only use cotton labels instead of polyester labels.
  • We attach necessary hang tags to our garments only to provide information about the products, not for branding purposes.
  • We do not include spare buttons/straps in our clothes but keep a stock in our office if a customer should need an extra one.
  • We produce made-to-order garments to minimise waste and make customers feel special.
  • We collect all of our returned items with flaws for either re-make projects or for resale availability. We never throw away or destroy faulty items.
  • We always offer customers to take back any flawed items to fix to extend the lifespan of all garments, whenever it’s possible. 

Times are weird. Find what makes you feel good.

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